Podcast Submission

Here from the The IT Wellness Pro? Welcome this my new home!

OPTIONAL: For podcast that release in seasons
If you were looking at a list of episodes this would the text bit of the episode name.
This is the name your submitted recording should use. You can copy and paste the text from this field.

Recording File Name Examples – Click to expand

A description of the episode, who was in it, links to resources/products/services mentioned in episode
If you have longer show notes you will be taken to the post edit section after submission. Don’t forget to use the link button in the toolbar to create clickable links for your website visitors.
If date picker is not working date should be be in d/m/y format e.g. 19/04/18
The selected release date is under the 3 day turn around time *


Descript is a text based editing tool. Get started by creating a free account
Toggle this option to let us know you have completed the edit in Descript. You can still use the project to export promo videograms.
Use this field for entering timestamps and descriptions of edits. Any other notes about the recording that may be relevant
Example: 2:45 – 2:47 stumble on name
12:45 – 13:30 from ‘What about’ to ‘exactly’
OPTIONAL: The total number of recordings for this episodes
My system will check that the right number of recordings are in the dropbox

Administration Use Only