Managed WordPress Hosting

Own your own website without the hassle

WordPress gives you ownership over your website. That means you won’t lose all your content overnight if something happens to the hosting platform. It gives you full control and peace of mind that your website belongs to you, not an internet landlord.

But, with that ownership comes a lot of admin.

When Chunky Duck hosts your website, our tech wizards take care of all updates, maintenance and troubleshooting. They work their magic, so you can focus on smashing business goals.

We magic up the Tech Stuff…

Our tech wizards (Luke & Prince), monitor your website to make sure it always runs smoothly and securely. All the checks and updates go on in the background, so you don’t need to worry about keeping on top of it.


Up-to-date attack prevention at all times

Incident Response

Fast recovery if something goes wrong

Customer Experience

A faster website making happy customers

… So you get the best of both worlds

Chunky Duck has partnered with WP Engine to give you full ownership over your website and all its contents. But you also get a single point of contact to sort out the technical side of things.

We use WP Engine because it’s specially built to host WordPress websites. That means you get the best tech, systems and expertise. If you need something changed or added, our quacktastic tech wizards will magic it up in no time.Every Chunky Duck WordPress website is fast, scalable and secure. You never have to worry about outgrowing your site, because we look after the tricky bits as your business grows.

Your dedicated technology account manager is always on hand to support you and translate tech jargon into normal language.

A Simplified Website Infrastructure

Built for speed

Chunky Duck and WP Engine give you the website speed your customers expect.
There are 3 ways we do this:

WP Engine's Core Platform

Run on both Google Compute and Amazon’s AWS. It’s a modern, scalable cloud platform that keeps your website powered by the latest technology.


WP Engine’s own caching solution. It’s a powerful system that stores a static version of your website on servers around the world, so it loads quickly for visitors. Wherever they are.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Run on Cloudflare. It offers ultrafast static and dynamic content delivery, image optimisation and bot protection over a global edge network. With servers in all major Australian cities, Cloudflare offers a local and fast solution for Australian websites.

Extra Security When You Need It

A Chunky Duck Business Plan gives you the enhanced security a growing business needs.

Using Cloudflare, we protect your website with enterprise-grade Global Edge Security (GES). This advanced security solution gives your customers the speed they need without jeopardising your website’s security.

GES blocks malicious actors with Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) and defends against attempted attacks with advanced DDOS Mitigation. Plus, Cloudflare’s dynamic traffic routing algorithm delivers your content faster than a duck says Quack.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

We offer 3 tiers of managed WordPress hosting plans, if you’re not sure what’s right for you, please contact our tech team to discuss the options.

Prices above exclude GST.

Free transfer from your current host

We offer free website transfers from your current hosting provider.

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