Managed WordPress Hosting

Self-hosted WordPress websites are fantastic, but they do require a bit of love and attention. If your themes, plugins and PHP version are not kept up to date, things can break and you’re at greater risk of getting hacked. Let our tech team manage your WordPress website hosting so you can focus on the things you’re good at!

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

We offer 3 tiers of managed WordPress hosting plans, if you’re not sure what’s right for you, please contact our tech team to discuss the options.

Prices above exclude GST.

Free transfer from your current host

We offer free website transfers from your current hosting provider.

Why WP Engine + Chunky Duck?

Unlike other hosting providers, WP Engine is specifically built to host WordPress websites. As such, all the technology and systems are geared for optimising WordPress.

Chunky Duck has invested in a dedicated WP Engine service for our clients. This means that your website sits on a service shared only with other trusted websites managed by our team. 

WP Engine uses both the Google Compute platform and Amazon’s AWS, two of the biggest cloud computing platforms in the world, to run it’s core network. They also work closely with Cloudflare, world leaders in cloud networking and security to provide CDN edge services.

The result?

A superior hosting service for your WordPress website, that is secure, fast and scalable as your business grows. 

And with Chunky Duck on your side, you have a dedicated technology account manager to support your business and ensure there’s someone available to interpret the tech mumbo jumbo!

WP Engine Infrastructure

WP Engine Support

Both chat and phone support available 24/7 through your WP Engine account.

Managed Infrastructure Updates

Scalable infrastrcture and technology improvement on your service.

99.99% Uptime SLA

Infrastructure to ensure your website…

Threat Detection & Blocking

Network level security via Cloudflare to reduce risk of website DDoS attacks with known vulnerability scanning.

Self Healing Technology

Protects your site from hardware failures to minimise downtime.

SMART Plugin Manager

Daily software updates that use machine learning and visual regression technology to automatically check your site and make sure everything is okay.

Git, SSH & SFTP Access

Developer-friendly tools available.

Built for speed.

WP Engine offers superior speed for your website, through a 3 tiered approach:

WP Engine's Core Platform

Run on both Google Compute and Amazon’s AWS, WP Engine’s core platform is a modern, scalable cloud platform to ensure your website is powered by the latest technology.


WP Engine’s proprietary caching solution, is a powerful system that creates a static version of your website, stored on servers around the world so that it can load quickly for visitors in all corners of the globe.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Run on Cloudflare which offers ultrafast static and dynamic content delivery over a global edge network. With servers in all major Australian cities, Cloudflare offers a local and fast solution for Australian websites.

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