Website Maintenance

Think of WordPress as one of the apps on your phone. Like those apps, regular updates are required to bring us new features and security updates.

While new features are great, those security updates are vital to the health of your website. Attackers are constantly scanning websites looking for known issues to exploit. The easiest way to protect again this is to keep everything updated.

Website Maintenance Inclusions


Stored on an external service. A lot of website hosts do backups which is great. What happens when the host is not accessible or their backups are damaged? This is where this extra backup provides extra security.

Security Checks

When a security flaw is discovered and pubished often this is followed buy an update to close the flaw. But what happens if the plugin or theme is no longer updated. The security check flag this issue for us to find a replacement.

Performance Checks

Hosting providers are not static and can suffer from preformance degraition over time. This is hard to spot without regular checking.

SEO Ranking

Keep an eye on how your site is preforming with this basic report.

Uptime Monitoring

The website is pinged every 15min to ensure it is still responding.

Link Monitoring

Broken links can affect your search rankings. While there are plugins that do this function they can also bog down your website.

Website Maintenance Packages

Maintenance Add-ons

Out of Hours Updating

Updates usually only take a few minutes to complete, but if uptime is a priority then we can have updates happen any time your business requires.

Active Website Monitoring

We will track any changes made to the website to ensure they are valid actions. Things such as plugin installations, creation of new users, password resets of administrator accounts can be signs of an attack. The faster we respond to these events the less damage done.

Malware Cleanup

If your site has already been infected with malicious software then we can perform a deep clean on the website and get it back up and running.

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